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Instructional theory describes a variety of methods of instruction (different ways of facilitating human learning and development) and when to use--and not use--each of those methods. 

It is about how to help people learn better.
This site offers a variety of information about instructional theory and models. As the index on the left of this screen indicates, it offers: 

  • Information about Instructional-Design Theories and Models, Volume I: An Overview of their Current Status, (affectionately called the Green Book). Publ: 1983 by Erlbaum Assoc. 
  • Information about Instructional Design Theories and Models, Volume II: A New Paradigm of Instructional Theory, (affectionately called the Green Book II). Publ. 1999 by Erlbaum Assoc. 
  • Some modules about basic methods of instruction, written by Charles M. Reigeluth. 
  • Links to other sites related to instructional theory.
  • A link to an Electronic Performance Support System to help teachers select and apply new approaches to instruction for their own teaching (Not operational yet).
  • Comments about instructional theories from visitors to this web site.

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