Module 7: Generic Skills 


Basic Methods of Instruction

1.Kinds of Learning
2.Invariant Tasks
3.Concept Classification
4.Procedure Using
5.Principle Using
7.Generic Skills

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Group Activities: Practice with Feedback Section 1

Synthesis: Sample Blueprint for "Prioritizing"

by Kushigian, Lin, & Matsubara

The following is a sample blueprint that shows the use of the strategies and tactics you have just studied. It is for a fairly difficult lesson, so it includes rich instruction (the use of many power tactics). You will find the following activities very beneficial to your understanding! 

1. With your team, study the dimensions of divergence (simplifying conditions) carefully and see if you can think of any that should be added or deleted. Also try to identify which ones you think will contribute most to the difficulty of the task. 

2. Look at the sequence outline. Discuss how would you change the order in which the simplifying conditions are relaxed, and why. 

3. Look at the components of the generic skill for the epitome. Is the procedure indeed a set of steps? Is it a good procedure? Are the principles really principles? Are they important ones? Are the recall components truly things that should be memorized? 

4. How could you improve on the tactics that were selected? Would you implement each tactic the way the designers did? 

5. What strengths and weaknesses do you see with the selection of domain-dependent content?

Section 2

Critique a Sample Lesson on "Creativity"

by In-ae Kang & Lou Edmondson

Working with your team, critique the attached understanding lesson, identifying both its major strengths and weaknesses, and recommend ways to improve it. Your critique should include the following: 

a. Rank-order the dimensions of divergence (simplifying conditions) according to which ones have the greatest effect on the complexity of the task. Are there any you would add or delete? Why? 

b. What are the one or two major strengths and weaknesses of the sequence? How would you improve it? 

c. Have any important components of the task been left out?  Would you change any of the components listed?  If so, how? 

d. Identify the three greatest strengths of the tactics and/or their implementation. 

e. Identify the three greatest weaknesses of the tactics and/or their implementation, and briefly describe what should have been done. 

f. Identify any other creative changes you think would improve the lesson.

Section 3

Design a New Lesson

1. Working with your team, pick one of the following two generic skills on which to design a lesson:  A. How to memorize things. 
B. How to synthesize what you have learned.
2. Design the lesson.  Ask for feedback, and revise accordingly.

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