Module 8: Attitudes


Basic Methods of Instruction

1.Kinds of Learning
2.Invariant Tasks
3.Concept Classification
4.Procedure Using
5.Principle Using
7.Generic Skills

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  • What is an attitude??/LI>
  • Principles of Learning for Attitudes?/LI>
  • Principles for Teaching an Attitude?/LI>
  • Seventh Graded Project?/LI>
  • Comments

What is an attitude?

An attitude is a kind of learning which:

It is what?/DIR>

Principles of Learning for Attitudes


So how is an attitude learned??/DIR>

Principles for Teaching an Attitude


Given that an attitude is made up of?

Perhaps the first issue to address is how to sequence the instruction.?

Attached are some readings that may help a bit. Then I suggest you work on Part 2, the Skill Builder, on HyperCard. This is a new and ill-defined area, where we are gradually discovering better methods of instruction. Therefore, although the integrated examples may be of some help, they do not show sequencing well for either levels of complexity or content within levels. We will focus on this in our class time. See if you can discover a better way!

Seventh Graded Project


Working in groups of three, create a blueprint for teaching an attitude of your choice.

a. Pick an attitude which we have not discussed in this course.

b. Select your target population of learners so that the attitude is of moderate difficulty (3 on a scale of 1-5). Assume that none of your learners has already acquired the attitude.

c. Your blueprint should have the usual header information:?

your name,

the kind of lesson (attitude),

the label for your attitude,?

the target audience,

the richness level for the lesson (1-5)

Then it should have a listing of the cognitive, affective, and behavioral aspects of the attitude.

Then it should have an outline of the general strategies you will use and the sequence for the cognitive, affective, and behavioral aspects in relation to those strategies (no more than one page).

Then the blueprint should have a separate section with prescriptions in the form of a chronological listing of the tactics you would use for each strategy in that sequence (in a left-hand column) and an indication of how you would implement them (in a right-hand column). This might take 2-4 pages.

You do not need to develop instruction for this assignment--the blueprint is all that is required, and I expect it to be about 3-5 pages.

d. Please put your blueprint in a large envelope or a folder with a pocket, and include an audio cassette for feedback from your professor.

Note that the examples you have seen do not use this same format. Please use this new format.?

Evaluation Sheet

How did you like having the readings instead of the "What's It All About?" for this Module?

What would you like changed in the "Skill Builder" for this Module?

What did you like most about the classes for this Module?

What would you like changed in the classes for this Module?

What would you like changed in the full-blown examples of generic skills blueprints?

Can you think of any way of improving the graded assignment?

Any other comments?

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