Module 6: Understanding


Basic Methods of Instruction

1.Kinds of Learning
2.Invariant Tasks
3.Concept Classification
4.Procedure Using
5.Principle Using
7.Generic Skills

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Team Activity:
Invent Some Instructional Tactics for Teaching Causal Understanding

Your task is to work in pairs to invent some instructional tactics for teaching causal understanding. Invent your tactics inductively by figuring out how you would teach a particular causal model that you should be pretty familiar with: the water cycle.

First, take about five minutes to analyze the causal model for the water cycle. Think of several additional causes and/or effects to elaborate the following causal flow diagram:

The Water Cycle

Second, spend the rest of the time figuring out how to best teach an understanding of it (not ability to apply it). Figure out what it means to understand these causal relationships, and how you can best help that understanding to occur. Then analyze your ideas to identify tactics that you could use to design instruction on any causal model. 

Finally, be prepared to share your tactics with the class.


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