Module 6: Understanding 


Basic Methods of Instruction

1.Kinds of Learning
2.Invariant Tasks
3.Concept Classification
4.Procedure Using
5.Principle Using
7.Generic Skills

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Skill Builder 1 To be developed.
Skill Builder 2 Synthesis: Sample Lesson "Psychosis"

by Brandt, Hammer, & Holtzman

The following is a sample lesson that shows the use of the strategies and tactics you have just studied. It is for a fairly difficult lesson, so it includes powerful instruction (the use of many enhancement tactics). 

The lesson is preceded by a blueprint, which provides the specs (specifications) for the lesson. Once you become experienced with lesson design using these instructional strategies and tactics, you will create this kind of blueprint in your head whenever you set out to design a lesson. Until then, it is helpful to write it out.  

You will find the following activities very beneficial to your understanding!  Please do them.

1. With a colleague, study the blueprint carefully and see if you can envision from it what the lesson will be like. See if you can spot any weaknesses before you even look at the lesson itself, and discuss them. Also try to identify what you think will contribute most to the effectiveness and appeal of the lesson. 

2. Look at the lesson, together. For each tactic used, think up a different way that tactic could have been implemented, and discuss it. 

3. Look at the test and compare it to the practice. Are the two sets of items interchangeable. Were all the appropriate kinds of relationships used (super-/co-/subordinate, experiential, analogical, etc.)?  Were appropriate objects chosen for each relationship?  Try to reach consensus on these questions. 

4. Discuss what instructional tactics could be deleted if the difficulty level were a 1 instead of a 4 (i.e., if the students' prior knowledge and ability were such that the concept was very easy for them to learn).

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